Parkside Developments

“The team were fast, effective and low cost.  We look forward to seeing how the trial treatments go.” – Michael Sorbello.

Parkside Developments were about to plant street trees as part of their new development and wanted to ensure deep and stable root structure. Atlas Soils worked with the site contractor to incorporate biological stimulants and humification into the existing planned works using the HumiSoil® and 5L XLR8® Bio pack.

Townsville City Council

The Townsville City council had 300 tonnes of weeds and sediment needing to be removed from an urban lake. Atlas Soils collaborated with a number of local businesses to convert the entire 300 tonnes of material into a high-value soil additive called HumiSoil® and saved Townsville City Council over $20,000 in disposal costs.

AP Williams and Co

“Atlas Soils take my organic waste at a fraction of the cost, combine it with other upcycled materials and seem to have worked out the art of making it into a highly desirable and cost-effective topsoil,” Sharnee Williams.



Importing project soil is expensive and so is dealing with problem materials on site. Atlas Soils was able to take a science-based approach to taking project waste material such as vegetation and spoil material and create compliant topsoil with the added benefits of biological activation using locally made products to augment the production of soil.

Gillian and Sinclair Parsons

“Man, I don’t know what you have in that voodoo soil, but this yard has never looked so good!” – Sinclair Parsons.


The Parsons had a dead existing lawn that they could not revive and didn’t have the money to rip it all up. Atlas Soils recommended a topdressing of the existing stressed areas of lawn with 1kg/m2 of HumiSoil® and the application of 40ml/m2 of XLR8® Bio. This combination of products was used as part of our 500kg HumiSoil® and 5L XLR8® Bio pack.

Chris Austin (North Shore)

“I was able to use a locally made product that clearly does a great job of building my soil health and I now also use it in my food growing setups – best of all its safe for my family and supports local business.” – Chris Austin.


Chris wanted to improve his topsoil before laying his new turf, he wanted to provide the best growing media he could. Atlas Soils worked in with the Chris to apply 1kg/m2 of HumiSoil® on top of his topsoil before laying turf. We then suggested he apply XLR8® Bio at 40ml/m2 to the laid turf to activate the grass, roots and soil. This combination of products was used as part of our 500kg HumiSoil® and 5L XLR8® Bio pack.

Townsville City Council

“The teams responded immediately to the problem, creatively adapted both biological and mechanical equipment and turned our problem into a solution.” – TCC.

The Townsville City Council presented us with the issue of 100 tonnes of decomposing and smelling noxious fish that died after the 2019 monsoon flood event in Townsville. The collaboration across Townsville City Council, Hannahbull Hydro Excavations (rapid response equipment), Ecocentric Services (ecological repair and project management) and VRM Biologik® (bioremediation specialists) saved over $30,000 in disposal costs and biologically converted the fish kill into probiotic cultures in the water body that were then released to restore downstream parts of the Ross River. We were able to achieve the biological conversion by using VRM Bio-fort.