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Atlas Soils HumiSoil® is manufactured locally using the Groundswell® amplified fermentation process. HumiSoil® is an organically based product in which the biological reactions which result in the formation of humus have already been started. This pre-fostering of humus manufacture allows you to speed up the natural process of humus formation in your soil. This product is spearheading regenerative agriculture around the World and was pioneered right here in Townsville. HumiSoil® persists in the soil for long periods of time and stimulated biological process that improves plant health, increases root growth, increases resilience to disease and can reduce watering needs through the manufacturing of watering through a process called Hydrosynthesis.

Atlas Soils XLR8® Bio is an innovative bio-accelerant which combines locally recycled organics with task-specific microbes. This helps build and maintain biological systems in soils using chemical-free and safe biological systems. It contains extracts from the fermentation of organic material and is used worldwide. During fermentation, enzymes and amino acids are produced and a range of micro-nutrients are released. Powered by recycled organics XLR8® Bio helps build the biological foundations for nutrient transfer and water management in soils.  Atlas Soils XLR8® Bio is built locally using circular economy principals and reduces local waste to landfill whilst also creating meaningful local work.

Atlas Soils Activated HumiSoil® is a powerful combination of both HumiSoil® and XLR8® Bio and was developed to offer low-cost biological solutions to soil, turf and plant management.  The combination was co-developed in Townsville to support strong and healthy lawns and gardens in the urban fabric of Townsville.  Activated HumiSoil® is a great treatment for those establishing or repairing lawns in depleted soils such as those commonly found in new development.

Traditional Compost

Organisms are underutilised

Compost typically contains low levels of a wide range of biological activity at end of process. Compost is typically populated by organisms whose function is the degradation of organic matter rather by those whose function is the production of beneficial subtrates.

Low humification capacity, low water retention, fosters carbon release, and nutrient loss.

Composting typically fosters low ongoing humus processing capacity as it lacks the microbial makeup to catalyse or aid natural processes such as water retention and carbon sequestration. Additionally, nutrients are typically released to the atmosphere by surface-added compost.

Few fungai survive the composting process and organic matter that is placed on the soil surface will lack nutrient exchangeability.

The surface additional of compost does not allow the formation of complex structures and organism formation that is required for efficient nutrient exchange, fungul disease prevention and overall soil health.


Organisms improve soil health

HumiSoil® typically contains high levels of a wide range of biological activity. These include specific actinomycetes, bacteria and other organisms which are known to benefit and improve soil health.

High humification capacity, in-soil moisture addition, nutrient additions, and carbon sequestration

HumiSoil® contains materials and nutrients that kickstart humis production in your soil. Additionally, specific cultures of bacteria work to keep water retained in the soil and to sequester carbon.

HumiSoil® improves soil health and suppresses fungul disease. It increases nutrient exchange throughout the soil.

Fungai species colonise HumiSoil® and promote diverse fungal activity which inhibits potential fungul diseases. HumiSoil® has a complex structure and allows high amounts of cation and nutrients to be exchanged and moved freely through the soil which improves soil health.

Atlas soils have strong and bold commitments to a sustainable future,  local business amplification and employment for locals.  There are many inputs suitable for the manufacture of HumiSoil® including green waste, food waste, biosolids, animal waste, cotton, construction waste, cardboard and other organic residues.  Our objective is to reduce project cost and amplify local businesses by collaborating with businesses and local governments with waste opportunities.

Atlas Soils have strong and bold commitments to a sustainable future, local business amplification and employment for locals.  20% of all profit from the sale of Activated HumiSoil® is donated to local sustainability programs including youth scholarships via  We actively collaborate with over 20 local businesses and seek innovative ways to engage with the underemployed and stimulate waste-based economies for other businesses.

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  5. How do I spread it

Activated HumiSoil® is a concentrated product that should not be applied more than once per year or in excess. See video from no. 8. Our 500kg bulk packs are ideal for establishing new lawns or spoiling an existing larger lawn.  The 15kg buckets were developed for vegetable gardens, establishing trees, smaller lawns, stressed patches of lawn and for a seasonal activation of fruit trees.